Our Mission

mimiX biotherapeutics aims to deliver the next generation biofabrication technology, that will enable tissue manufacturing for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. We will make this vision a reality by providing an ultra-fast biomanufacturing technology capable of creating Point-Of-Care patient specific biological tissue equivalents for regenerative, personalized and precision medicine.

mimiX biotherapeutics’ technology has already demonstrated – with strong scientific evidence – that it offers tissue engineering strategies to overcome today’s obstacles, including the creation of dense networks of micro vascularization. Our technology is a game changer for regenerative medicine and diagnostics.

The company is driven by experienced healthcare & life science managers & scientists and benefits from a strategic co-operation with the AO Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the care of people with musculoskeletal injuries and their sequelae through research, development, education and quality assurance in the principles, practice, and result of fracture treatment.