• “Sound Induced Morphogenesis “  - SIM: Point of care regenerative tissue engineering
    Biological material - a source of patient cells – is limited and precious. Acoustic waves are employed on only a limited number of cells, to pattern cell-assembly and trigger tissue morphogenesis allowing to then generate biological constructs resembling the native tissue. We present a revolutionary approach to maximize the value of the limited autologous material that can be obtained from a patient.

  • Point of care solution for regenerative medicine
    Regenerative medicine will change the medical landscape. However, current technologies are too cumbersome and tissue maturation takes too long to integrate TE products into the clinical routine. The SIM device is tailored towards straight-forward implementation in the clinic to directly benefit the patient.

  • Tissue formation within minutes for immediate implantation
    Our process is fast and as simple as turning on your radio. Different specialized tissues can be generated even without extensive knowledge in robotics & CAD design. User-friendly, highly versatile, transportable and applicable in the operating theatre, SIM represents our dedication to facilitate clinical treatments.

  • Faster recovery times
    Lack of vascularization, particularly in large tissue defects, represents the major hurdle in regenerative medicine. SIM combines tissue-specific cells with endothelial cells in preferential, pre-defined patterns which accelerates new blood vessel formation and shortens the healing process and recovery time.