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Press release: PreComb and mimiX announce co-operation to reshape personalized cancer drug profiling

Zürich and Biel, Switzerland, 21 February 2023 - PreComb and mimiX Biotherapeutics join forces to fight cancer. The two companies announced they are partnering to accelerate the process of personalized cancer drug profiling leveraging the potential of both company’s proprietary technologies. PreComb is pioneering personalized cancer profiling with their proprietary 3DTwin® technology.

By using mimiX's Sound-Induced Morphogenesis (SIM) technology to make efficient use of patient’s tumor cells and accelerate in vitro tissue production, PreComb aims to provide more effective and targeted treatment options for patients. Efficient use of primary tumor tissue will enable frequent use of tumor biopsies for personalized drug testing unlocking a billion-dollar market.

The collaboration will also allow the companies to combine their respective expertise to discover new therapeutic targets and improve diagnostic processes. Both companies are confident that this collaboration will pave the way for significant advances in the fight against cancer.

Jens M. Kelm, CEO of PreComb said: "Cancer, is a highly individualized disease, which makes the development and selection of effective therapies so difficult. Testing drugs directly on patient tissue has become an extremely effective tool to better match patients to drugs and select drugs for a patient. However, efficient use of small tissue samples is crucial for widespread use. The collaboration with mimiX to further advance our tumor twin production processes will allow us to be even more effective in the fight against this devastating disease to test a high number of drugs for a patient."

"We are excited to work with PreComb to fight cancer more effectively," said Marc Thurner, CEO of mimiX. "By combining our strengths, we hope to provide new treatment options for patients and help improve their quality of life."

PreComb will work with mimiX within a licensing framework integrating its technology in an automated microtumor production set up. This will complement the 3DTwin® profiler technology for fully automated physiologic drug testing of microtumors providing a complete solution for clinical integration for functional precision medicine.

About PreComb

PreComb Therapeutics AG is a privately held Swiss biotech company founded in 2018 by Jens M. Kelm, Peter Steiner and Olivier Mauti with the goal of developing technologies that drive the development and selection of cancer therapies leading to tumor remission. PreComb 's breakthrough 3DTwin® technology makes it possible to test drugs for tumor shrinkage directly on the tumor tissue of individual cancer patients. With the fully automated 3DTwin® profiler and AI-driven data analysis and interpretation, the platform can be used at any clinical site to accelerate drug discovery and find the most effective drugs for patients.

For more Information about PreComb , please visit or follow us on Linkedin.

About mimiX biotherapeutics

Established in 2019, the company leverages Sound Induced Morphogenesis (SIM), a proprietary technology that uses sound in conjunction with cells, stem cells, spheroids, organoids & bioactives, to create tissue relevant architectures (bio-patterns). SIM replicates natures’ design strategy by controlling shape & function, the two fundamentals in developmental biology.

Sound Induced Morphogenesis was developed as a result of 10+ years of research and development efforts incubated at the AO Foundation in Davos, Switzerland.

Headquartered at the Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel, the company has embedded its base SIM technology into cymatiX®, a discovery platform for a large range of applications, from life sciences to drug development, cellular agriculture, and performance materials. Previous financing rounds have brought on board investors such as Heraeus and AO Foundation, as well as private investors.

PreComb Media contact

Dr. Jens Kelm

mimiX Media contact

Communication & media:

Phone: +41 78 801 74 10

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