Our innovative team

Dr. Tiziana Serra, founder and CSO

Dr. Tiziano Serra

Founder & CSO

Marc Thurner, founder and CEO

Marc Thurner

Founder & CEO

Dr. Andrea Montail, business development

Dr. Andrea Montali

Business Development

Roman Amrein, R&D manager

Roman Amrein

Lead Front-End Engineer

Roman Sojic, Marketing manager

Roman Sojic

Chief Creative Officer

Nicola Di Marzio, Biosystem Architect

Nicola Di Marzio

Biosystem Architect

Dr. Géraldine Guex, Biomaterial scientist

Dr. Géraldine Guex

Biomaterial Scientist

Dr. Dobrila Nesic, Clinical translation officer

Dr. Dobrila Nesic

Clinical Translation Officer

Dominic Bright, software architect

Dominic Bright

Software Architect

Prof. Mauro Alini, scientific advisor

Prof. Mauro Alini

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Geoff Richards, scientific advisor

Prof. Geoff Richards

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Jens Kelm, Business advisor

Dr. Jens Kelm

Business Advisor


- AI Expert - Switzerland

- Software Developer - Switzerland/Remote

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