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FastSkin® for complex wound care

FastSkin® combines micrografting with Sound Induced Morphogenesis technology to improve wound care management.

It addresses a major social burden and unmet clinical need in oncology and chronic wounds treatments.

FastSkin® is in the process of obtaining US market clearance.


All-in-one solution

FastSkin® is a fully autologous dermal substitute produced during wound-dressing session at point-of-care. It harnesses the power of micrografts, (micro-scale biological tissue entities obtained from a biopsy of healthy skin), which are during the bio-production process with our medical device evenly distributed in a blood clot. This dermal substitute is applied to the wound bed by surgeons or specialized wound-care nurses.

Infirmière et le patient

Autologous & 

While providing an entirely autologous, bedside, online treatment, the patient is both donor and recipient.


Enhance skin 
grafting process

Each individual micrograft (200-400µm) is a living piece of skin tissue equipped with a pre-vascularized system that “kicks” the local surrounding tissue – regeneration. 
The cells contained in the micrografts, proliferate out and populate the surrounding extracellular matrix. Encapsulated at grafting time in the blood clot, they access nutrients, platelets and proteins supporting the wound bed remodeling.

L'enregistrement d'une blessure à l'épaule

wound healing

It improves skin grafting by following a unique “from Inside-> to outside” wound regeneration scheme: each micrograft acts as a living island triggering local regeneration and enhance closing of the wound surface with an autologous skin layer.


FastSkin® Process

FastSkin® regenerates in a ”inside to outside“ healing pattern: each micrograft acts as an island triggering local native regeneration.  
Better & Faster regeneration
Reducing donor site
Better relevance to the native tissue
Excellent tissue epithelization

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