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BAKU is a chemically defined, synthetic hydrogel based on Dextran and PEG. This hydrogel does not bear any biologically active sites. Viscosity and gelation kinetics were adapted to allow for patterning of individual cells or particles.

  • Application

    A basic product for advanced patterning!

    • Cell patterning and cell condensation
    • Self-assembly of spheroids
    • Stem cell differentiation in aggregates
    • In vitro models and pharmaceutical evaluations
  • Description

    The main components of this hydrogel are SG-Dextran and PEG-link crosslinker. When combined, these two components form stable thioether bonds. At a crosslinking strength of 2 mmol/L and at room temperature, the hydrogel can be used for patterning for at least 10 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes until an increase in viscosity is observed.

    Complete gelation is achieved within 30 minutes by placing the gel in the incubator at 37°C. Crosslinking strength and final mechanical properties can be tuned by varying the SG-Dextran and PEG-link concentration. 

    1 box contains 1mL

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