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LUMPO is a chemically defined, synthetic hydrogel that crosslinks upon irradiation at 405 nm. This hydrogel does not bear any biologically active sites. The viscosity has been optimised to allow for prolonged patterning of single cells or particles. Gelation on demand is ideal to exploit the method of sound induced morphogenesis.

  • Application

    The playground for explorers!

    • Evaluation and optimisation of patterning parameters with cells or particles
    • Cell patterning and cell condensation
    • Self-assembly of spheroids
    • Stem cell differentiation in aggregates
    • In vitro models and pharmaceutical evaluations
  • Description

    The main components of this hydrogel are N-Dextran and PEG-link crosslinker. Dextran is functionalised with a photosensitive norbornene group (N) that reacts with the thiol groups of the PEG-link upon addition of the photoinitiator LAP and when irradiated at 405 nm.

    Gelation is therefore induced upon demand, guaranteeing a long-lasting patterning experience and the possibility to exploit different patterning parameters.

    Crosslinking strength and final mechanical properties can be tuned by varying the N-Dextran and PEG-link concentration.

    1 box contains 1ml

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