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KYTO is a chemically defined, synthetic hydrogel that bears biologically active sites. An MMP-cleavable crosslinker allows for potential cell spreading and migration. The hydrogel can be customised to bear a cell adhesive peptide, RGD, to further fine-tune the properties for specific applications. KYTO increases in viscosity after 8 to 10 minutes, enabling a dense and well-defined cell pattern to be formed followed by enhanced stability of the pattern when the dish is moved from cymatiX to the incubator for complete gelation.

  • Application

    An ideal candidate for custom specific fine-tuning of gel properties

    • Tissue Engineering and in vitro models
    • In vitro vasculogenesis
    • Multicellular systems
    • Morphogenesis and tissue formation
  • Description

    The main components of this hydrogel are SG-Dextran and CD-link crosslinker. When combined, these two components form stable thioether bonds. The CD-link bears MMP cleavable sites which allows for potential cell spreading and migration.

    At a crosslinking strength of 2 mmol/L and at room temperature, the hydrogel can be used for patterning for 2 to 6 minutes. Complete gelation is achieved within 10 to 30 minutes or by placing the gel in the incubator at 37°C. Crosslinking strength and final mechanical properties can be tuned by varying the SG-Dextran and CD-link concentration.

    Gelation kinetics can be adjusted by changing the pH (optional product 10x CB buffer at pH 5.5.). The hydrogel can also be prepared with a thiol-functionalised RGD peptide that covalently binds to the SG-Dextran.

    1 box contains 1mL

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