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ZAVA is a chemically defined, synthetic hydrogel that allows you to exploit the full potential of SIM – long term patterning, gelation upon demand, and biologically active sites. The hydrogel is photosensitive and crosslinks upon irradiation at 405 nm. MMP-cleavable sites and RGD peptides allow for potential cell spreading and migration and promote cell adhesion.

  • Application

    Cell migration. Cell spreading. Gelation upon demand. ZAVA has it all!

    • Tissue Engineering and in vitro models
    • In vitro vasculogenesis
    • Multicellular systems
    • Morphogenesis and tissue formation
  • Description

    The main components of this hydrogel are RGD-N-Dextran and CD-link crosslinker. Dextran is functionalised with a photosensitive norbornene group (N) that reacts with the thiol groups of the CD-link upon addition of the photoinitiator LAP and when irradiated at 405 nm.

    Gelation is therefore induced upon demand, guaranteeing a long-lasting patterning experience and the possibility to exploit different patterning parameters.

    The CD-link bears MMP cleavable sites which allows for potential cell spreading and migration. Crosslinking strength and final mechanical properties can be tuned by varying the RGD-N-Dextran and CD-link concentration.

    1 contains 1ml

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